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The Real Hot ChocolateThe Real Hot Chocolate!The  Real Hot Chocolate - Seven Flavours!

The Real Hot Chocolate

Lets Play!

“The Real Hot Chocolate” is about an experience and keeping the business alive.

Imagine walking into your favourite cafe, ordering your mug of hot milk at the counter then choosing a flavour – milk, white, or dark chocolate – 50 grams moulded onto the end of a wooden spoon. Then stir the chocolate into your hot milk.. don’t forget to stop and lick off the melting chocolate every now and ZEN!

Currently 99% of hot chocolate drinks sold in Australian cafe’s and restaurants are made using chocolate powder, when using real chocolate there is no comparison. Designed to make your hot chocolate drinking experience ‘luxury fun’.

At our Sydney factory in NSW, we professionally temper the 3 existing flavours, pour into moulds, insert wooden spoons into the centre of the chocolate and then allow to set, package and deliver to retail outlets.

Keep it REAL. Only request The Real Hot Chocolate and experience the Fun Luxury today!