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Long Fine Crockery>

The Long Fine product range is extensive. Exflo are distributors of this renowned brand, designed to cater for every need. The above link will download a PDF file showing you the large product range available.
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Crown Commercial>

Exflo Hospitality Supplies are distributors for the huge range of Crown commercial, some of the products available are; Beer Glasses, Buffetware, Chef’s Bowls, Cocktail Glasses & Irish Coffee Mugs, Crystalline Glassware, Cutlery, Dinnerware, Jugs, Carafes & Ashtrays, Multi-Purpose Tumblers, Polycarbonate Drinkware, Shot Glasses & Brandy Balloons, Stemare, Tasters and Toughened Glassware.

The link above will take you to the Crown page where you can see the full range.

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Crown general purpose tumblers

PRODUCTS> Tableware

Ken Hands Agencies tableware>

Founded in 1981, Ken Hands Agencies has grown to become one of the leading wholesale suppliers of tableware to the hospitality industry.
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